We are visiting more and more countries with concerts. After two concerts in Slovakia we once againg going to participate in festival of historical re-enactment of old craftsmanship, early music and medieval battles "Jotvos Vartai" in Alitus, Lithuania.
Wish us luck!

Our beloved listeners!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish light, harmony and love for you and your families! As a present we have prepared a video for the old ukrainian carrol "A v gori, gori".
Many thanks to the artist Anton Lubiy for his work,and to Vjacheslav Anisimov for the editing.

Friends! Finally our work has seen the light of day! Hoorray!!! :) So please watch the video and share your thoughts abour it. And don't forget to spread a word abour it! :)

Our dear audience!We have absolutely incredible news!
At the last hours of campaign our collected sum of money for the music video postproduction (including cash) was 430$, but the miracle have happened, and there appeared a man, wholl become the main Maecenas in this campaign! This is Ivan Shuliak from Lviv that has supported our fundraising with the sum as much as 350$!!!
Great thanks to Diana Yavorska, that helped us in spreading the information about our campaign, due to her help much more people have learned about our fundraising! Also were sincerely grateful to Anton Zavidov for his strong finishing contribution to our campaign!
Weve gathered the whole sum of money (including cash and transfers to PrivatBank card) as much as 840$!
Thus, follow the news and wait for the official release of our music video in the last days of October!

Greetings! Less than 10 days has remained until the end of the campaign , and the counter of the funds raised stood at around $ 265. If you are interested in our project - it's about time to make a contribution!

You can see photos from shooting in our gallery

You can make your contribution at campaign page Indiegogo

Greetings! We passed half of our company and raised 260$ as for now.
Artist Uliana Romaniv has finished work on the last painting for the video :

Our hero reads poems to his beloved one.

You can make your contribution at campaign page Indiegogo

The first 10 days of the fund-raising campaign for our music video have passed, and for now it is collected only 200$ of 800$ required. Thats why we need assistant of all our friends and audience. Please, make a contribution if you havent done it yet and spread the information about our campaign in the social media. We do believe that due to your assistance we can achieve our goal!

Our painter has completed the second picture for the video:

The picture shows 15th century Krakow.

And thats how it is shown on the real 15th century picture:

Campaign page Indiegogo

Thank you, those who have already supported us!
Our fund-raising campaign for the music video Breve Regnum is still in progress and in our first update we are eager to share one of the pictures that will be used in the video.

Our young and eager for knowledge hero arrives to Krakow for study.

Campaign page Indiegogo

We have started fund rising company on Indiegogo to finish work on videoclip for the Breve Regnum song! Join us and make your contribution into the early music!
We would be very glad to any of your help and repost! Its very important for us! Every dollar counts.
Long time ago, in XV century our beloved city Lviv was a part of Poland and not so far from it city of Krakow is situated, the polish capital at the moment, so we share the same history and culture. Thats why we decided to peek the oldest known song of Krakow students Breve regnum from the XV century. It is fun, energetic and known very little in the world.
Our video is at stage of editing and post-production right now, everything has been shot last autumn and now the finishing touches are made, video is being edited, XV century style pictures been drawn, etc. In general weve been trying to accomplish this by our means and with help of our friends. But the professional video demands professional hands and so its You who can help us finish first videoclip on medieval song in Ukraine! With your help we could pay for the postproduction in time and the clip will see the light of day! Thanks you in advance! Please share a word about it!

Campaign page Indiegogo

New song in Kings & Beggars interpretation - Al'entrada Del Temps Clar!

Despite the hymnal refrain of eya this 12 century troubadour song is strongly pagan in origin, suggesting Roman or Celtic rites of May or Beltane, and also showing the power of youth, joy, and the feminine earth force. The entire ballad with its celebration of the Queen of April reveals the mytheme which is integral to the seasonal rituals that mark the beginning of Summer, a l'entrada del temps clar, the entrance of the Season of Shining.

29 of June Kings & Beggars will visit Lithuania and will play on Jotvos Vartai festival!

We present to your attention our new record! Breve Regnum anon. the oldest known song of Krakow students from XV ct., which was sung during the election of their "King" and his court (15 - 22 of October). It is about the life of students and how seven days they having parties, skip lectures and then, later their "King" will be the one to blame for all of students deeds and will be punished. Such custom is also known in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, as a continuation of the Roman Saturnalia. Manuscript was first mentioned in 1973, and the original is kept in the National Library of Warsaw.

11.06 - We are gladly presents our new track - spanish song of the begining of 16 ct. Falalan
Recorded at MAX220 studio. Mixed and mastered by Max Kerner.

11.06 - We are gladly presents our new track - Tempus Est Iocundum song form german codex "Cantus Buranus" XIII ct. (music - anon.)
Recorded at MAX220 studio. Mixed and mastered by Max Kerner.

30.04-3.05 Ensemble "Kings & Beggars" participated in international medieval fight world championship "Battle of Nations".

29.01.2012 - We gladly present our new record - A v gori, gori.
This is old ukrainian kolyadka (traditional christmas carol) with pagan roots. This performance is experimental - an attempt to recreate old ukrainian folk music in european medieval context thru our creative imagination.
Recorded at MAX220 studio. Mixed and mastered by Max Kerner.
29.01.2012 - Kings & Beggars have played at many festivals and solo concerts during last year. Here are some videos :

Kemp's Jig. England XVI cent.

Saltarello IV. Italy XIV cent.

Tempus Est Iocundum. Cantus Buranus. Germany XIII cent
More could be found in our Videos section.
13.02.2011 - 16 of March special album dedicated to St. Patrick's Day will be released by Kings & Beggars. It will consist of traditional irish tunes and songs. Total running time of the album : 57 minutes. You can download three song : Cooley's, Katie Dear and Drunken Sailor.

The works of Jean-Baptiste Monge have been used in the cover design http://www.jbmonge.com/
13.02.2011 - 15 of March album Diva Ruzha from Kings & Beggars and Viter will see the light of day.

8-paged color booklet, 4 panel digipak, silver print, pit-art
circulation: 500


1. VITER and KINGS & BEGGARS - Diva Ruzha
2. KINGS & BEGGARS - Ai Vis Lo Lop
3. VITER and KINGS & BEGGARS - Vanner och frander
4. KINGS & BEGGARS and VITER - Migla, Migla, Rasa, Rasa
5. VITER - Chycheri

All songs on current CD have traditional roots but they will appear in completely different form. Songs were performed in four languages Ukrainian, Swedish, Latvian and old French. Music for Migla, Migla, Rasa, Rasa was written by SKYFORGER, lyrics traditional. This album is quite experimental in many ways. The main conceptual point of the current work was an attempt to integrate such things as Carpathian folklore with a Swedish native song, to perform European traditional music by means of medieval instruments with appropriate arrangement; and at last to present an unexpected sounding of all these compositions. The work over the album was performed in three recording studios during Autumn 2010 Winter 2011.
30.01.2010 - We want to share a good news with you - we entered studio to record special album for the St. Patrics Day! It would contain famous irish songs and melodies.
08.01.2011 - It's allready tradition that just before the New Year Kings & Beggars plays on beautiful bal organized by the reenactors club Panther. Photos from this event you could observe in our gallery
08.01.2011 - Kings & Beggars wish happiness and joy and a lot of the good music to you all in the New Year!
07.12.2010 - Ansamble is currently working on mini-album "Diva Ruzha". It's collabaration with lviv folk-metal band VITER. CD will contains several new tracks recorded both together and by each band.
5.11.2010 - New percussionist Ostap Suhockiy have joined the band.
26.10.2010 - 24 of October Kings & Beggars have participied in charity concert for restavration of Mercury statue in Lviv. Video from this concert could be seen in Video section

24.08.2010 - 29 of August Kings & Beggars will attend annual festival "Mukachevo convenes and joins friens" in Mukachevo castle Palanok. From 11 till 19 where would be a lot of fun : knight tournament, medieval dances and master classes.

24.08.2010 - 4th,5th of September Kings & Beggars will be playing at "Tu stan'!" festival.

Festival is conducted to popularize ukrainian medieval culture and unique Tustan' castle rock. Usually it's gathering up to 400 participants and 15 000-20 000 spectators from all over Ukraine.
13.08.2010 - The first live mini-album " (2009)" ("Live from Tustan' festival") has been released .

If you are interested in purchaising of the CD please use the e-mail from the Contacts section. CD cost - 3 euro. (+ shipping cost)

20.07.2010 - Video section have been updated.
11.05.2010 - Music have been updated with record from the Tustan' festival.
21.03.10 - You can see photos from St. Patric's Day here : 1, 2, 3. Thanks to Orest Kalunyak, Darya Verignikova and Lviv Party Photos for the photos.

01.01.10 - We wish you a Happy New Year!!!
30.08.09 - This year our ensemble will take part in medieval festival of ukrainian culture "Tu Stan!-2009", which will take place at 4,5,6 of september in village Urich, Lviv region.

05.07.09 - Photo and Video galleries have been updated.
12.04.09 - English version of our site has been opened.
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