Kings & Beggars ensemble was found in march, 2008 in Lviv by Anna Vasylchenko. The ensembles line-up has changed several times since then but now it’s stable and active and musicians are devoted to the same idea. Ensemble plays European early and folk music, which was enjoyed by the noble people at the royal court and the simple people in the cities and villages – this where the name “Kings & Beggars” came out.
    Ensemble repertoire is quite rich: from XIII century songs, ballads and dance melodies of XVI century to folk music from different European countries (Ukrainian, Irish, etc). Repertoire includes works from such known codex’s as Cantigas de Santa Maria (Spain, XIII cent.), Cantus Buranus (Germany, XIII cent.), Llibre Vermel de Montserrat (Spain, XIV cent.) etc. It’s also includes a lot of English, French and Italian dances from XIII, XIV and XVI centuries.
    Kings & Beggars is working with musicians from Ukraine and abroad, also with historical dance collectives and reenactors clubs. By this time the ensamble had taken part in may festivals of medieval culture, and in many other art events, concerts and tournaments.

Anna Vasylchenko - medieval fiddle, recorders, crumhorn, litvinian shawm, galician gaita, vocals. Creative director.

Eugen Grinevich - recorders, medieval shawm, pommer, vocals.

Marta Hovdysh - hurdy-gurdy, recorders, vocals.

Max Kerner - bass citole, renaissance lute, oud, bouzouki. Sound Engineer.

Artur Temchenko - medieval drum, tar, daf, tambourine, percussion.
Illustrations: Nadegda Kapinos
Photo : Arina Piyenko & Anton Kozlovsky
Web-design : Artem Bulat